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When outside the heart blossoms shines

Even if the Meteorological Service has not yet announced the arrival of spring one can feel it all around.

Some of us already feel the symptoms of allergy and some of us shed the layers from our bodies and give our skin some vitamin D.

The sun caresses, we smile, straighten up, (yes, just like the plants). A wonderful feeling, which evokes the urge to take care of the garden as well, to put some of the sun and the wonderful green into the house (for days when we hide from the sun).

The world of INDOOR, the combination of the exterior with the interior design has gained much momentum in recent years, contributes greatly to the final touch in home design, and brings great meaning to our lives.

No more flowerpot in the living room corner, or a flower vase in the center of the dining table. Today we understand that vegetation and green in the eyes contributes to improving our feeling, atmosphere in home design and even our mood.

However, a moment before we go and run to buy some green, we have to make some decisions:

1. What space do we allocate for the benefit of bringing green into the home?

2. Design style

Do we choose a professional consultant or are we in favor of MADE YOUR SELF.

Then proceed to the preparation stage:

Selection of plants, planting in soil or in garden containers, air, light, temperature, irrigation system, etc ...

Planting in garden containers can be any decorative tool you have in the house or bought in the store, ranging from a remover, jars, glass balls or any other tool. MADE YOUR SELF garden containers require preparation of soil type, stones, and manual or hydroponic irrigation.

The containers can be hung, hung upside down from the ceiling, laid out, used as a light fixture, integrated in a bench and more as you imagine.

There is no doubt that a number of flower pots in the house will also do the job and contribute to the design of the house and the improvement of the feeling, but it can also be done a little differently.

So forward to work.

Successfully !

Sculpted planter combined with vegetation and lighting

Green lobby

Spices in a jar

Desktop light fixture combined with vegetation

A growing table

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