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Skinny is not just jeans

A small jump to the project exhibition in Tel Aviv, made my heart beat faster in March, at the new skinny look. My love for jeans and skinny in particular is well known, however seeing the skinny hanging on a beautiful accumulator stripe and not on the clothesline definitely made my heart blush and throb loudly, at the sight of the stunning accumulator stripe in its beauty. They are thin, they are thin, they are magnetizing and magnetizing (me definitely!)

The thing that comes in aggregate SKINNY lighting fixtures in a design, clean, modern and smart. Thin, light and airy look.

LED bulbs in a variety of sizes and illuminances, without the need for transformers or advance preparation in the ceiling, can be dimmed, and for smart electrical connection, the illumination angle can be adjusted each time, there is no limit to the number of LEDs. Both beauty and wisdom! Who needs more than that?

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